What it means to move from ‘Here’ to ‘Awesome’

We’ve all had those moments where we either see, hear, do, or feel something that suddenly changes our perspective and understanding of the world or our circumstances. That’s a shift.

Shifts can be incremental or dramatic. When you first learned that Santa Claus was an elaborate ruse perpetrated by delighted parents, it was a game changer in getting you one step away from childhood innocence and one step closer to being savvy about the adult world. That was dramatic. Spending time studying a language and working toward fluency is incremental. We are interested in creating change in organizations through both of these approaches. You tell us which is more appropriate for your goals. Changing minds is usually dramatic and tied to an event, and changing habits is usually incremental and plays out through a series of experiences.

Our goal here at HIFT Consulting is to provide occasions for you and your colleagues to have that experience along your own paths of development; whether it is shifting the vision for your organization, learning how to connect better with clients, or generating that next great product or marketing campaign. Let us chauffeur you and your team into a better future through a fun and engaging experience that will bump you into high gear for achieving your goals.