Tools of Our Trade

Sharing Stories, Playing Games, and Transforming Organizations

From figuring out what the beginning, middle and end of your work day to developing phases of a project to sharing the highlights of your vacation; we are always arranging our worlds and work into stories that help others understand and navigate what we believe is cool and useful.

The human brain runs on stories: short ones, long ones, exciting ones, boring ones, and occasionally emotional ones. Our brains are constantly trying to put the world around us into some sort of narrative (the fancy-pants word for story). Mythology (remember that from high school) has been a large part of being human from the dawn of time, which means that we are all geared to be story machines. HIFT Consulting builds on everyone’s inner sense of narratives to help our clients deal with and make changes in their organizations and lives by teaching them how to recognize and take command of their own stories. Even the ones you’re living right now…and now…and now.

HIFT Consulting uses many tools to help our clients either tell their stories better or discover new ideas or develop new skills through focused and active games. Our goal is to get our clients to become awake and aware to the stories of their organization, leadership, business unit, target market, or department while having some fun. Fun is the opposite of stress, and our brains are far more creative and innovative when we are having a good time. Once our clients are aware and having fun, we guide them with a variety of tools that help them understand, steer and change their organizations with techniques derived from the fields of drama and anthropology (anthropology is the study of people, by the way). Both of these fields obsess about the stories of people. They are very interested in exploring the gap between what people say and what they do.