Success Stories


HIFT Consulting worked with Logitech. They were looking to develop electronics for a consumer market that was new to them and brought their two best ideas to the table. We helped them make characters that represented their demographics and put those characters through a bunch of stories where they had to use the electronics.

To do this, we had teams of engineers up on their feet telling the stories together. We did this by one of us shifting who the speaker was as the story developed by pointing to another speaker in the game to continue the story, almost like a conductor of an orchestra pointing to the next section to play in a piece of music. Through the group having to share the telling, it was like accessing a human experience supercomputer through the collaboration, and it allowed others to watch and write down valuable design and engineering ideas.

This process also shined a light on the potential sticking points and problems for their intended customers. After a half day of work with us, they felt like they had been catapulted weeks ahead of schedule with the ideas that came from that workshop.

Organization Growth/Change

A small-business client had recently added their 50th employee and three members of their 6-seat board of directors chose to move on. The sudden company growth and board turnover brought the company’s focus and direction into question. The anxiety about expanding business to support increased payroll grew simultaneously with the anxiety of searching for new board members.

We brought together the company founder, the remaining board members and managers representing different facets of the business to craft an updated mission and vision statement. Through structured story telling and facilitated exploration of the company’s past behaviors and actions, stakeholders arrived at a shared purpose, as well as a clear sense of where the company could place its ‘flag in the ground’ in the market place.

Once this new vision was in place, we worked with the group to create criteria for the new board member search and a list of actionable items and goals to direct the growth in the marketplace they were hoping to achieve.

 Leadership & Empowerment

Hift Consulting worked with a group of female design team leads from Nike. They were having empowerment and leadership issues. Their manager saw the need for these women to not only find community with each other, but also develop positive tools and strategies for leadership and communication.

We brought them a training that was two-fold in providing a fun safe atmosphere of play that also helped them get to know one another. We also created some interactive modules that gave them interpersonal tools and strategies for leadership. This training included time for them to practice these things while using each other as resources for problem-solving, further cementing their social and professional bond. The positive outcomes of this workshop have led to an ongoing partnership with Nike for providing this type of staff training.

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