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Experience is the Best Teacher

Our workshops are experiential and interactive because we have found that this is the best way to develop the habits and soft skills that are crucial in business and life. We’ve found that this approach leads to more engaging, meaningful and fun training for everyone with longer lasting results. Getting people out of their chairs is getting them out of their routines. Once people are out of their routines, they tend to be more open to change, growth, learning and fun.

Fun, Effective and Engaging

We can do a small workshop (a half day) to get you playing or a larger more engaged program (a weekend or an ongoing series) to get you thinking and forging new habits. Every training is customized to fit the needs, goals and objectives of your group or organization. We are happy to work with your company, department, non-profit, school, church or association. Some of the trainings we’ve done are focused on:

  • Team Building/Bonding
  • Presentation Skills
  • Impact & Credibility
  • Managing Change
  • Building a Culture of Adaptability and Resiliency
  • Creativity & Innovation (product & process improvement)
  • Ideation & Visioning
  • Developing Intuitive Service
  • Communications Training
  • Talent Acquisition and Retention
  • Meeting Kickoffs
  • Stress Relief
  • Leadership

Sound interesting? Give us a call 971-200-5036 or email info@happyimprovfuntime.com to talk about how we can help you grow and succeed.

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