Change Happens

What happens when you mash up the arts and sciences? You get the unique perspective of HIFT Consulting. With 35 years of collective experience creating and teaching improvised theater coupled with 13 years of anthropology scholarship and practice, Brad and Phil bring deep insights into building training that improves life, communication, leadership, collaboration and innovation for their clients. They also have a pretty good ratio of enjoyment to insights in their workshops.

HIFT Consulting is the love child of two amazing fields. We are constantly developing experiences that deliver fun, effective, and profound outcomes and deliverables. Whether it is ideation, visioning, team-bonding, skill-building or strategizing, we’re there with a variety of tools and activities for a fun, engaging, and productive event that let’s you walk away energized and loaded with actionable items and concrete concepts for change, growth, and actualization. Yes, we really said “actualization”, and we’re not therapists. Well, maybe therapists for organizations and businesses.

Brad & Phil’s Background (in brief)

Phil brings a decade of experience developing marketing strategy and brand identities with clients like Walmart, General Mills, Verizon… Brad is an author, trainer, and social scientist on the leading edge of research on improvised theater’s effects and possibilities for human development and growth. They have big brains. Don’t let the science background fool you, though. Together, they are a dynamic duo of facilitation. Their semi-secret weapon is that they are also seasoned performers with a long list of stage work that has taken them across the globe entertaining the masses. They are masters at making play work and making work into play. Because of their big brains and experience they both know that people who are having fun and playing are more creative and innovative.