How We Help You

Shifting Your Organization from Here to Awesome

Is your organization going through some changes and in the process of adapting? Does it feel like taking a curve a little too fast? We can develop a fun and insightful training for your department, branch, or leadership that will help you slow down and notice more to gain some perspective, hone in on a vision, gain control through forging a plan for action; all in a day.

Are you looking to put the peddle to the metal on the the muscle car of creativity? Do you want to hit the road to a new identity, a new product, a new path for growth? Let us kick you and your team into high gear. We love to help stimulate the creativity and collaboration of groups and teams looking to generate visions, ideas, designs, and brands.

The Approach

Brad and Phil are unique in how they combine the insights and tools of anthropology and theater. Wait a minute, what the heck is anthropology and why does it matter? The mission of anthropology is to study and understand human beings by looking at their physical development, technological advancements, social and cultural trends, as well as how language changes over time. This helps us get down to understanding the DNA of our clients’ values and the character of their organizations because these are the things that either ‘put the brakes on’ or ‘hit the gas pedal’ on the road to change and discovery. Don’t worry; we will never wear lab coats to a workshop (unless you ask us to).

Well then, what about the theater part? Are you going to make us ‘hug it out’ or sing “green sleeves”? The mission of drama is to explore, depict, and communicate themes, ideas, relationships and scenarios that entertain us and inform our own lives. No synchronization of watches required. There is a lot of understanding and communication that happens outside of text and spoken words. Theater is an active way to explore and experiment with ideas and approaches in a safe laboratory where failure can happen fast and cheap (and not leave marks). There are a lot of games in this field that are perfect for spinning ideas, seeing the impact of different approaches to communicating, switching our brains into high gear, and getting a team to gel. We’re going to make you ‘play it out’ or have you help us ‘play it out’ for you.