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New Class, Same as the Old Class

Hey everyone! We are excited to be presenting our newest class, TRIO, which focuses on the skills, tools and techniques for a successful three-person improvised scene.

We hope to see you there – this seven-week run begins Thursday, September 12. Sign up now on our Classes page.

New “Along the Path” intermediate Saturday session

Hey Folks! Due to high enrollment, we’ve added an Along The Path/Intermediate class session. 7 weeks from 1:00-3:30pm beginning Saturday, May 19. Check out our Classes page to sign up.

There is still room in our Wednesday 7:00-9:30pm Beginners’ class, too! Yep, over to the Classes page!

Introducing Phil’s Phrases

Hey Circus Bears!

In addition to an information hub, Brad and I intend this website to be a place where we share our thoughts and experiences about teaching, learning and doing improvisation. I’m kicking that off today.

If you’ve taken a class from me, chances are you’ve heard certain things over and over again. I’m going to introduce and elaborate on them in a series called ‘Phil’s Phrases’.

Phil’s Phrases are little shorthands I’ve arrived at after years of coaching improvisers of all levels. They summarize a few of the most important things to focus on in scenework and I think they are worth exploring a bit, hopefully with your participation.

Here are some off the top of my head, please add more that you’ve heard in the comments:

  • The audience wants you to succeed
  • Simple, not easy
  • Nice versus Generous
  • Don’t make up rules
  • You already have everything you need

Like everything in improvisation, none of these ideas are brand new or mine alone. As Joe Bill says, “It’s all Open Source.” Hopefully, you’ll find these interesting to think about and helpful in your time on stage in shows and rehearsals, alike.

In the next couple of days, I’ll start with: The audience wants you to succeed, which will answer the question, “Why did he just call us ‘Circus Bears’???”

Tonight’s pre-Beginner Class is Canceled

Hey folks, sorry for the cancelation, but due to circumstances and the like, we’ll be starting our classes next week and have two drop-in sessions. Buy ’em both, and pay only $10 a class; an incredible deal! Sign up or get more info.

Reading This On Your Smartphone?

If you’re using an iPhone or Android phone to read this, please note that the “Menu” button in the upper left corner is where to find all the goodies like class info, etc.. We’re redesigning our website and will have something better (and better looking) for all up soon. Thanks!

Hello world!

Launching Happy Improv Fun Time in 3…2…1…