Tandem Teaching

Since Brad and Phil started their teaching journeys by teaching improv classes with each other in tandem (and enjoying the heck out of it!), that’s how they’re approaching instruction for their classes and workshops. You’ll get the benefit of not one, but two fun and insightful teachers for the following class offerings.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email hidden; JavaScript is required or phone and leave your number if you’d like to talk to an actual person. We’re excited to meet you and get you started on your playful learning journey!

How To Register

The easiest way is to pay online through our PayPal buttons below. PayPal will allow you to use a credit card, check or PayPal account. If you’d like to pay by check in person, use cash, or need to discuss a payment plan or have any questions at all, please get in touch and let us know to expect you, or call us at 971-200-5036.

Where we are

In the Bindery Building at 3115 NE Sandy Blvd, Suite 228. Go through the front door, walk straight ahead, take the elevator up to the 2nd floor and it’s off the elevator to the left.

Finding the Story :

Have you ever found yourself in a scene or longform asking yourself, ‘Where is this going?’ Do you find yourself trapped in a rut of scenes filled with gags and quips? You could use some more structure, and narrative is the best way to find and add structure to give scenes and shows depth and direction. This class is essentially about discovering, developing, and using narrative to strengthen both scenes and long forms.

7 Classes. Running Thursdays 7:30-10 from 3/13-4/24. Cost $195.

Prerequisite: At least 1 improv class in the past year or instructor approval.

Beginner’s Mind:

If you’ve been looking for more fun in your life, this class is the key. No experience necessary to explore the exciting world of improvised theater. our expert instructors will guide you through games and exercises to one of the most engaging ways to have fun, build relationships, and grow your confidence . Comedy and enjoyment are the side-effects of good improv. Let us help you on the first steps of a journey to a better, more present you. Join the fun. (Ask about our ‘Bring a Friend’ discount)

7 classes. Wednesday nights, 7-9pm. From April 16 – May 28. Cost $195


Upcoming Classes


Genre & Serialized Improv :

This series is for people who have always been curious about developing genre shows or shows with characters that return week to week. Brad has directed numerous genre and serialized shows, and he’s creating this class to share his process and approach to this form of show development.

7 Classes. 5/8-6/19. 7;30-10pm Thursdays. Cost $195.


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