Some feedback from our first round of students:

Phil and Brad pull the realness out of you.

It’s as though they’ve reached this enlightened place. They’ve found peace with the craft and what they really want is to help you get there, too. Only a few times in life are we ever presented with mentors that embody such mastery. The attention of two such mentors is almost unheard of, even in fiction.

In a world where scarcity is valued, a class lead by both Phil and Brad is invaluable.


Each evening Phil and Brad guide you along a path of carefully integrated warm-ups and exercises. When you’re done you really feel that you’re better than you when you started.


Wise coaches will tell you that you can’t learn basketball by reading a book. If you really want to learn basketball, you have to get on the court and play.  I am thrilled to be transferring this coaching wisdom to my study of improv at Happy Improv Fun Time.  Our masterful coaches:  Brad Fortier and Phil Incorvia, guide us as we build on existing skills and for me the most important part:  Laugh a lot and have a great time.  Here’s the offer:  If you sign up for class I can pretty much guarantee you will laugh and learn at Happy Improv Fun Time

-Kathy Dee

Here’s what students and colleagues have to say about Brad and Phil:

Brad Fortier is an engaging instructor with a warm, inviting persona who knows how to bring out the best in his students. From each of the two classes I took with Brad, I walked away feeling more sure of myself and encouraged by Mr. Fortier’s support. Perhaps what I appreciate most about Brad is that he does not coddle his students. Brad will let you know something is not working without being harsh or judgmental and will guide you toward a stronger choice through illuminating side-coaching. Throughout his classes, Brad maintains an casual, positive vibe, relaxing newcomers and allowing students to feel safe and welcome in the ever so daunting world of improv. Excellent for beginners and even seasoned pros, Brad is all around pleasure to learn from and anyone with even a passing interest in improv stands something to gain from taking a class with him.

-Tynan Delong  Stand-up Comedian

I’ve worked with Phil as an improviser for many years. As a teacher and coach, he’s thoughtful, inspiring, and knows how to push people to reach their full potential in a safe, but challenging environment. As a performer, he’s smart, hilarious, and a joy to work with on stage.

-Jennette Zarko  Improviser/Instructor/PR Director

I’ve taken two classes from Brad and plan on a third. He is a generous, helpful and fun instructor who creates a feeling of safety teaching something that’s pretty intimidating — improv! Brad’s style is perfect for the way I learn — he asks the right questions, gives feedback and guides as needed. In general, his positive nature is what makes him such a good teacher, as well as being highly skilled in what he’s teaching. I highly recommend taking a class from Brad!

-Wendy Hall Community Organizer: the Leaven Project

Phil is a terrific improv teacher and director. His training and guidance have helped me make great leaps in my improv skills and capability. He quickly sees what a student or troupe needs and forms an effective plan for improvement, even if it means developing entirely new exercises. The results of Phil’s work are undeniable. Many successful improv and sketch groups around Portland, the US, and even beyond America’s borders have players who can point to Phil Incorvia as an important figure in their development. This recommendation may sound overly enthusiastic, but Phil deserves it. I am living proof that his work gets results, and I am surrounded by others who can say the same.

-Bill Cernansky, improviser, Instructor

I have worked with a number of presentation trainers and participated in workshops. This was by far one of the most interesting, productive and thought provoking trainings I have attended. I was reluctant at first to actually participate with my team in the improvisation but found that it helped to focus on issues that may have been difficult to articulate otherwise. It provided a different perspective on audience and presenter behaviors that really worked. It was also interactive and fun. Everyone who attended was fully engaged and left with skills needed to combine head and heart into presentations. My experience was so positive that we will be asking Brad to develop a full day training for our account team next year. I have enjoyed working with Brad who uses his unique blend of anthropology and theater to bring story-telling and presentations to life. The quality of his work is high and he is responsive to different learning styles and situations. I highly recommend him as a teacher and trainer.

– Carolee Lee Vice President of Communications and Marketing, United Way of the Columbia-Willamette

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Phil in a few shows and to watch him perform in many more. He combines great insights into what his scenes need, solid character work, and knowledge about the world to create fun, playful, and meaningful improv.

-Curtis Frye  Improviser, Author, Presenter, Magician