Way back in the late 90’s, an orange van with red shag interior carpeting (floor to ceiling) rolled into town. Out stepped Phil Incorvia, fresh off the road from Minneapolis, where he founded the Twin Cities first long form improv company, True North Theater. Phil was greeted by the apple-faced Brad Fortier, a charter student and mainstage member of Portland’s Brody Theater. At the Brody, they shared time on stage and off as company members, directors and teachers of improvised theater. Like many turn-of-the-century happenings, it was fun, exciting, and wonderful.

Brad and Phil next worked together in one of Portland’s most lauded improv groups, funnyBusiness. Their shows were featured in the Seattle Festival of Improvised Theater (SFIT) in 2005 and 2006, and the group can be credtied with bringing improv to Portland’s amazing music venue, Mississippi Studios, with their monthly show, Mississimprov.

In the meantime, Phil began working at Character, LLC, where he helps brands and companies better understand and tell their stories, and Brad became an anthropologist, a teacher and world-wide performer, both taking the stage and teaching at numerous international festivals. Phil and Brad both share a strong background in anthropology, as well as a clear, comic sense of the weird. They are as excited as hell to be working together again, and to bring something fun, exciting and wonderful to the Portland improv scene.


Happy Improv Fun Time is our dream and adventure. Like all good improvisers (and everybody else, too!), we are making it up as we go. Happy Improv Fun Time was the first way we thought of to express how we want to teach, what we want to teach, and what the experience should be like for our students.

We’re starting with two improv classes, and this site is a place where you can learn about our teaching, any new workshops, and whatever other interesting things we find, involving or inspired by Improv. Come join the fun and adventure of playing all out!

Brad and Phil.